Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 12 - Friday
Probably a huge days riding to Phnom Pehn tomorrow, so chillaxing is the plan today.
American dirt biker next door did the dirt run we got lost on the other day. He made it over two days, we had completed all the hard bit it would seem, 'Death Highway' (his words) through the jungle. Then we bailed before the easier remaining dirt roads. Bugger.
Then he offered us bong access at 10am. We passed and went to breakfast.

As seems to happen often in Cambodia (to us at least), we set off on a simple trip to a waterfall, signposted, and ended up riding an hour down increasingly bad paths, until it eventually turned into riding a boulder field down an old river bed. None-the-less it was probably (definately) the toughest and best off-roading and of us have ever done. Epic. No camera though!

We also hadn't filled up the bikes from the previous days journey and all hit the small reserve tank around 20 minutes from town. Eco-riding from then on!

Shaky, Drippy and Thirsty.

If you're gonna have a private pool and showers, it may as well be scenic.

Note the multi-purpose suit coming into its own again.

Filled up bellies and tanks and we hit up another waterfall with a lone bored looking elephant and a decent swimming area. Saw a local man visiting the falls with a megaphone, not sure why. Gave a guy a lift back towards town on the back of the bike, then hit up even more dirt tracks on the way to another signed, but ultimately non-existant waterfall. Great last days dirt biking, and good use of sticks and cow dung to make a tripod for bike pictures.

Finally, heading back into town, we hop onto the abandoned dirt airport runway and entertain ourselves and the local teenagers with drag races, burn outs and poor donught attempts. And I still haven't got much better at wheelying.

Day 12 - Lonely Update
It's 10pm, we're all a little drunk. I'm listening to the remains of 'The Boxer' by Simon and Garfunkel on the porch of our cabin. Now 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. We didn't want to talk to our American neighbour, and he didn't have weed spare, so Tony and Tom have wobbled off on the bikes into the night toward town to find gear. God Knows where??
I'll just sit back in the red glow of the head torch and have another 'Alain Delon' cigarette (A french actor so V told us) while I wait. I fear sleeping before they return, they're not trustworthy drunks! 'Bridge over troubled water' might have to go for more upbeat stuff though!
The Smiths 'Please, please let me get waht I want' wins!
Update 2
No Beer! Another Alain Delon. They could be hours. We're 10 minutes of dirt road with rubbish headlights from town. Then who knows where??
Update 3
Alain Delon. Hope they're not dead or arrester. Party over the road. Too lazy to walk

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