Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 1 - Monday + Day 2 - Tuesday
Heathrow to Sri Lanka to Bangkok

If I'm honest this is going to be little but filler on day one. I havent written in any real form in a long time. It shows from the handwriting.

I can't imagine anyone really enjoys the first part of any travel like this. 10 hours on a plane, cam it be anything but a seemingly endless chore? Nicholas Cage has ade some reasonable films, but 'Trespass' certainly isn't one of them, and it's the sole film on loop.
After numerous drinks at the airport and the discovery of Tonys artwork on his shirt the holiday seemed to be underway.
Anyway, lets all sleep on a plane to the sultry sounds of Nancy Sinatra.

PS [end of flight] There's definately something going wrong when sleeping blankets, used for a few hours only, need to be collected by staff wearing enbow high plastic disposable gloves. Are customers really that bad??

Room one. Well, you get a mattress at least...

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