Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 13 - Saturday

The heroic warriors had returned successful. We feasted.

Long ride today, well 350km of good roads back to Phnom Pehn, mostly uneventful. Well, eventful, but not for Cambodia!
The sun though. Oh My Buddha! Even in suits our hands, arms and ears and noses just cooked. You could almost feel them bubbling whenever the speeds slowed. Toms calves looked cooked to edible amounts following him along the road. We arrived though.

Getting the hang of this shooting from the hip on the bike...
Maybe not so while weaving traffic.

I abandoned my jacket and shirt at this stage. It doesn't even look as bad in this photo as it did in the flesh...
2000km in 10 days, mostly roads (of wildly varying quality!), but very uncomfortable seats. XR250's are long distance cruisers by design! Sitting in chairs now even hurts a bit.

Tom's off early tomorrow, Tony and I will remain and return the bikes. Tonight though, the Town, Dream Bar and maybe Coughy?

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