Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I miss you all terribly, and Essex is always on my mind.
Half of that is true.

However, and while I want nothing more than to shack with R498 ERT, which is making the choice a killer, I may infact be back over here come June bike guiding and teaching with the Alpine Elements boys, or if not working for the Boomerang Aussie pub and riding every day. I mean really it is quite the lifestyle.

Rob, get a job over here and we'll get a mud hut.

Job interview in't this pub in a few minutes, wish me luck.

well, 'tever. later


Matt said...

Nooooo, Mikey, come home boy!

How'd the interview go?

Mikey S said...

inbterview went well, but balls o that cos im getting another job instead, so will indeed be back over here as of about the 15th june so home for a couple of months.

every day free to ride, working nights for about 2 hours a night, hard life eh.

can't wait for the odd mashing seshion in a couple of weeks. and its me burfday next wednesday so maybe a campfire night over danbury common soon after return if you's is up for it.


g said...

nice one (you bastard)
when are you back to essex, i'm going home weekend of 22/23 april

Thepatient323 said...

and a camp fire wud be ideal
have you still got my zippo?

Mikey S said...

rob has your zippo, safe hands et al.

im back the night of the 20th, ie a week tursday, so friday night plans for people at home, or early the following week plans for uni kids.

g said...

mate looking forward to seeing you, can't wait.. cu week friday in a wood in essex with fire & alcohol & weed & banter

Mikey S said...

important matters arising.
can someone sort me out some weed for next week? were all dry here so it'd be cool if theres any around back home at the mo.
cheers kids.

George said...

well I'm not overly connected down here, I just bought a Q back from uni which is half gone. I could go on an excursion round Maldon and find you some but I value my neck so i reckon it'd be easier for Boblet to get you some.

Mikey S said...

from the last maldon run i'd go with that suggestion too...

btw back at the garden centre as of next monday till i leave so money is coming. w00p

Mikey S said...

oh, and i got a lift home in a police car after my birthday night down the pub.

no fine, no beatings, but they wished me happy birthday after dropping me at my door, though not sure how i remember that.

god bless the gendamerie (sometimes)

but i didn't ask for a picture, which was both foolish and wise.