Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 11 - Thursday.
Suits again today, keeps the sun off nicely, and it's just a great way of starting every conversation with a stranger with a smile on both sides.
Road miles mission today Kratie to Senmonorom.
After a reasonably early wake up, we got on the road south from Kratie. 2 hours, 1 tank of fuel and a sign for a turn off we need that doesn't exist. We finally find it miles later, confirming how bad our tourist map is, and how random Cambodian signs are. 2 major roads on our map, one isn't there and the other is a good 20-30km from where it is marked. Better map next time might save all the back-tracking.

Gotta get an overloaded bike picture in somewhere eh?

This is how we filled up most of the time in Cambodia, litre coke bottles filled up with fuel on the side of the roads. They often smoked while filing the bikes up.

Then onto a brand new road for another 2 hours up to Senmonorom in the hills (Cambodia has been very flat so far). Picture perfect new twisty mountain tarmac, where is the sports bike?? Then it rained again. Ho Hum.

Get to town, get a beer, head over to the 'Nature Lodge', an eco guesthouse from the guidebook. It turns out to be Very picturesque, carved natural wood buildings, private chalets, orchards and all. A bit of a posh travelers haunt judging by the clientele, but not so posh you don't get attacked by ants in the outside loo. Those things have a savage bite! Luckily we all got one each (sharing is caring) so could all sympathise.

A bit colder here too, burnt again after the massive heat of the mornings riding. Expensive here, but the beds are good so we will probably spend another day and heal the motorbike beaten botooms. Lots of waterfalls round here, more chances to shower and swim.

Also, after 2 days of rain the large flying ants came out in massive force, which presented us in the bar, the sight of a huge Gecko feasting on them by a wall light. Like a comfortably 15" long, heavy lizard, stuck on a wall, scoffing big ants. Very cool, and made a good loud 'GEK   KOO' noise.

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