Thursday, October 08, 2009

So, where to start Blogscummers?

Well, the best place to start I suppose; with pictures of women. In this case Nata, who confirmed her place in the 'epic person' league table right at the top by pretty randomly and on the spot agreeing to a weekend of chillage in the village after a bored friday conversation.

It basically involved an epic drive,

an epic drive back, a little riding, then a good amount of drinking and smoking. Of which none was caught on camera (except that one pic..). I'm well out of practise in keeping up a photo based blog!

What was caught on camera was the next day in the sunshine at the local grass-track meet.

The sun even shone, and I wore my high end aviators like a champ

This guy was fucking amazing, and pretty much balls out thrashed everyone in every race he was in. Including the last race but one where his sidecar guy fell off, caught his ankle in the back wheel, and the guy kept racing for 2 more laps to win it before stopping to sort his mate out.

That was all a lie, it was just the only good picture I got of anyone riding that day, he probably lost loads.

We figured it was time to go when Nat was spending her time writing swear words in her fingernail varnish.

All round though, good Skillz Nat.

If I went into robotwars, I'd take this fucker and kick the shit out of all the kids toys

As it is, I just drive around with it in a trailer pretending its something way cooler than a stump grinder.
But it's still pretty damn cool. Admit it, you want one.

This is George and Hats on their way to a fancy dress party as board games.

I decided i didnt want to carry loads of drink to this, as we had to trek across London, so I decided a coupla cans of beer and a bottle of JD would do. Matt took one of the cans of beer, I got on the JD. Illness followed way too soon after.

So back to the awesome stuff I get to do at work, like the robotwars thing above. Here's the Star Wars day. Or Attack of the Killer Bees or something

It doesn't seem very nice cutting up bee's nests, and it isn't, but then you cunts should stop complaining about them when they're near pavements, children, the disabled etc.

They are pretty awesome though, thoroughly convinced me I want bee's. i mean how much mischief are you gonna be able to get up to with your own army of trained bees. You could paint them all with a spray can too so they look like they're a proper army and that.

This is Noel and Liv. Noel hates being online so luckily he won't find this for yonks.
Recently after I moved to this place I'm in now, I decided to take back some treebushhedge, and the only reasonable way to get rid of stuff is to burn it, as you should all know. And if it doesn't burn, get a hotter fire.

Noel took to this theory well, and kept the fire raging, with Laurel tree, which gives off bad cancer when you burn it. And burns through the fire bucket. And the panel underneath. And the grass.
That'll learn me.

So You lot have trawled through a lot there, and I respect that (unless you just skipped to the rude pictures, in which case I hate you), and I've also listened to consumer feedback, and it basically revolves around "good softcore, give more". So softcore.

Because I haven't posted in yonks, I feel like this is a little bit of a comeback, and as such, in respect of the old time, Raven Riley used to come up a lot (the minx), so I thought it fair to bring her back again (and her gallery).

And just 'cos I love you and your filthy ways, heres Eden Petty and her gallery.

Seeya Hobos

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