Thursday, October 08, 2009

If you people haven't heard of The Cat Empire, you bloody damn well should have. Oiks.

Welcome to this post Bloglusters!

It was my paps birthday a few weeks back. I say paps because I want to sound with it like hillbillies and shizzle. But I digress, it was, and as I couldn't think of any non-shit presents, I took him to Santa Pod for the day for the Euro Drag racin champs. If you ever get the chance to go see the top fuel cars, its in a different world to what you can even imagine, they shake your eyes from your head, your chocolate bon bons from your arse and your nose from your mates arse. I mean, what?

Either way, they're damn loud and burn all the air within the nearest continent. Go see it.

I did

What I also did is take a hell of a lot of photo's. But heres a very small number of them.

I cant emphasis enough how ridiculous these are up close, their fuel comes from the tank to the engine through two pipes that are a good inch or so inside each.

Not the view following a normal car.
Loved how some of these were getting towed around the pits by little fiesta's, others by huuuge 4x4's, and the funny cars just drove about on their own. Seeing them just pottering round at about 5mph as you walk through is bizarre to whole new levels.

I've got soo many pictures of crazy cars like these, almost everything you can imagine has been done, there was even a Sierra.

Because it was the big event of the year there was also loads of other stuff going on, including these guys hitting up the FMX, and the street bike skillz bois

Did I mention, go to santa Pod.

You want more softcore, you whore.

So this is Shyla (and her gallery) which is I guess the US version of Sheela, which just doesn't sound as sexy

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