Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What are you, a nonce?

You know when you get blood in water, it always looks like there is more blood than there is. Y'know, if you cut your arm and it's raining it runs everywhere.
Try getting a decent nosebleed in a shower, it's fucking AmaZing. It's worth inflicting semi-serious self harm to experience this people, it's like dancing with the devil under a fountain in Paris, or being at the bottom of a genocide waste pile. You kinda feel you have to try to breathe in to make the blod slow, clot, whatever, but at the same time you know if you breathe out a bit its just gonna be so much cooler.

If you're hemophobic, probably best someone is in the house if you're gonna try this. But still give it a go like.

Similarly, but different, some people recommend stopping using a razor when it feels blunt. Some people recommend stopping using a razor when it's beyond blunt and begins to cut fairly frequently. But these people are not the sort of people who would go into a music store, and purchase a pack of guitar strings that contain six, yes all 6, wound strings. Just because they're dearer and come in a shiney purple packet.

These people have faces clear of little bits of blood stained toilet paper, and will, as a presumption, also play a gig tomorrow night and have fingers unagonised by daft guitar set-ups on whims. These people will probably succeed.

Hey you Fucks, it's High'Zine.

In realisation that there are a few things missing from my life at the moment, notably excessive consumption, irresponsible drug use, and most recently sexua, erm, female companionship (and I do go through these phases quite often where I vow to change 1-3 of these to more frequent attainment) a plan must be formed.

Well it kinda falls into place sometimes, 'cos in the next 3 days we have 3 gigs in hopefully busy bars, and while I can't drink at these good times can be had at least and its hopefully a chance to be a bit silly and prat about, without a care.

*phone rings*
"Hi Dad!, hows it going
Yeah great, good good, and you?
Yeah, few gigs actually, were in town tomorrow yeah
You and mum are coming along,.. right. ok."

That doesn't happen in American trendy movies. Well, American Pie aside, but thats a poor example for hoping for success, moral ending aside.

What the fuck, you guys are thinking. since when did you write inane shite on here, this had become a photo blog. Well, because of the way blogger works I'm gonna put them in new posts, which means they'll be above this. how fucked up.


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