Saturday, May 09, 2009

What's Happenin Blogfucks
Guess I should say sorry for not gettin these pics up when I said I would, but shit's been hectic as it generally is.
For example, one day I made a curry, and on thursday I had a crap. Thursday might have been the day after curry I guess?

'Tever, back to the IssuE at hand, Chicksands last weekend. Which is what REALLY counts in life. That and Megan Fox. Which SHITSNDS (copywrite Jamie) had none of, so is in that sense alone a fail.

Because I'm too lazy to shift photo's around you'll find bunches of them together, like 10 of Jon (traded his H for a night in Soho). Which is unpro, but deal with it. You ain't paying my bills.

As for names, I got a bit lost, their was a coupla Sams, a George, an Ally and some others beside's me an H-less, so I'm pretty much gonna allocate names randomly. You know what you were wearing.
1 Foot X
So George wanted to learn no footers at the start of the day, and then he was getting these tight within about 2 hours. As in he couldn't take his feet off the pedals 2 hours earlier. Fucking yeah

And Sam couldn't do no handers before this session, I mean what the hell, grow some fear. Bastards

SHITSNDS got fucked with. pwned and all that shizzle
Ha Jon (looking for his H behind his pube)
Tuck like a fuck boy, if only those knee's were out.

Hey Jon (Punk rock stole his H), you only got some style yeah. what what.

Love this shot for some reason. As often happens H got in the way, but the shot's still good.

No-one's riding, so I get the camera out hoping to gee people up a bit, and this is the shit I get
Believe it or not, this took a shed-load of attempts and I still didn't get the X fully round. But it was. I think this was the last attempt cos Jon (less H's than I have H gags) nearly got his head taken off
No footed Nac, nameless rider
Careful looking shows G has his hand off mid X here. This wasn't intentional, and the thought of it is just wrong, but he got it back somehow.
In case any of y'all hadn't worked it out, you can click on the pics for full size and to save 'em.

So seeing as PC Mike only comes on here for softcore, Thought I better sort some out this time like.
So todays softcore is a bit of a cop-out on my part 'cos it's a photoshoot from a lads mag. But when the lads mag is a fuckin great as Front is, and the lass is as fyne as India is, who gives a shit. Gallery here

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