Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alright You Brighton fuckers. I've done it. Sorted through the lot. Chose the ones where you guys look least gay and such forth.

Pestering me clearly worked as to be honest, I'd forgotten about them, and there's some better shots than I remembered. Namely the one of that birds arse. Sweet.

Anyhow, they're here in a rough rider order.

For those who don't understand the above rant. You're clearly not scene enough to hang with the Danbury (s)Crew. So go out, spray your bike a different colour for every ride, tell everyone suss is gay, then ride it anyway, and offend beach front vendors. then we might let you hang with us.

So we took a little roadtrip to Brighton a coupla weeks back, hit some skateparks, hit some street, hit some old ladies, hit on some men (well, it is Brighton). Normal shit.

Let me introduce the pikies on their kids bikes:

L-->R Alan, Jamers, Stu, Jon (get a slagging H)

Alan, Urban riding, check. Airborne, check. Still wearing clips. Check.

Jamers, Brakeless, big bmx. No lies

Arty shot eh. Poser
If both wheels were orange this photo would be 68% better

Cheeky Girl. Touch My Bum

Check out the Knee's in BMX style. Cock

When in Brighton, Do as the Statues do

Jo*n (No H, what a s*it)
Yeah yeah, moto style. Love it. Jon (sold his H for a Brap) Self

Jon (a gay guy raped me for my H), knee's in, arms out.

Some Random BMXer, bars over the gap. We see this dude (not the dude below, another bmx dude) hitting a quarter to tyre-tap on the back wall to hop back in, real big, real fast. We get in the car back home, Jamie pulls out a bmx mag, and lo and behold, same BMX'er doing an interview. Dunno who he was though, some cunt on a mini bike. Probably with crap brakes
Stuart, popping, then having a downhill wet grass run-out. Good luck yeah.
Stuart, racer boi style down the stairs. Only hucker left in the group at the mo, eh Stu!

And some softcore of course. Wost part of all having to search good softcore out. Prividing a service I am.
Anyhow, a nameless Playboy model and her gallery

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