Monday, August 18, 2008

Things to say, people to do.

Danbury common.
Dodgy light
Blurry pictures
Gays on bikes.
Normal High'zine stuff. Lets hope I can find some decent softcore to make up for the pictures eh.

More pics if people want them, email me or leave a comment with yours.

^^ man of many fucking words tonight. Need more tea.

Lets some up the above and below photo in one comment.

"Ben, you arse"


Jon, table. Height. no rickets.No fucking H

Stuart Gilbertson. You are a racer. Don't buy a bmx. Homo

Yeah. "sick kid". Frame that you ho.

"Guys, guys. Was that flat. I don't think I'm getting them flat."

Nick, Arse out. Knows he should be on a susser making moto noises

Jamie, 3 with an X. And Bens super freaky alien wrist gets in shot. Arsebandit

More engine revving noises needed, get that tail higher!

Nameless, tabled to nose in, and bright wheels. All that's needed.

More moto on a hardtail. 6" out the back next time and some fenders.

Anyhow. Maybe next weekend I'll actually take a flash. Or just lay in and watch Hollyoaks as usual.

Can't be long till a bike is back under my groin, I'm itching in anticipation, or disease.

Till then. Some softcore, as you'd expect.
Can't remember if this stunning nameless lass has been featured before. If someone can prove to me so I'll appologise deeply and find more. Till then, enjoy her gallery

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