Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hey Hey Blogparkrats
Another weekend, another visit to Chicksands, and another day of me failing to get my bollocks in gear and ride the new line, which ain't that new anymore to be honest.

But my failing aside, it was a good day down the playpen all round, and even late boy Al turned up before the crack of sunset.

I didn't however get the camera out till the sun was lower than your mum in a rap battle telling you how your sister takes it. So that's why it's all shit innit, but it gives a clue I suppose. Although ignores all the fun in the freeride park and the gate start practise, which is where most of the day was spent on my part.

Tailwhip to pedals, clean each time I recall

Jon Jon side on. Showing less rickets than previous appearances on this hallowed place.
So Sam, why don't you try a flip? Don't want to, then get out our club, no really, we hate you if you don't do it.

But really, the peer pressure on him to try these flips was evil, but it worked, so bullying campaigns worldwide are wrong.
I can flip, therefore Sam must. It's one theory I'll give you.
Jon Jon (is that an H on the floor there?), laying it down flat. I guess luck put me in the right time and place to see his one moment of style.
Ben, why not turn up and get styled through the new line within a few hours. Fine.
I reckon it must be easy to ride really..
Jon (get a fucking H), rickets. All normality is returned

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