Sunday, January 20, 2008

And while we're at it, might as well get it all here while I'm in the typing mood.

A few pics from my travels around the UK with the new motor.
Very few pics from an amazing couple of weeks that involved snow, narrowly avoiding sleeping rough, and generally being saved by mates left right and centre, so cheers to all whom helped and who let me come see them.

The Landy clean before leaving, and previous to pissing oil, and getting flats every 2 minutes.

Jess's first, and waking up in a tent, in a field with a horse looking in. This moment made me realise how much comedy happens when you don't plan your days.

Beach Head lighthouse. A beautiful scene, from a pretty disturbing place. Unless you're like us, and find it all pretty amusing.

Birmingham, brought the New World Disorder 8 premier, no sound, but the crew and a good night. Though too much walking around alone in an unfamiliar city running late for my liking.

Manchester, and the start of the journey home.

Oh yeah, more softcore of course.

First off, cowgirl Kathy, and her gallery of course

And then Mindy Vega. Gotta lvoe those latina gals and their galleries

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