Monday, May 12, 2008

Hey hey. Can it be true?
Riding photo's on High'Zine. And not only that, ones from the local spot with the local riders (insert too easy "locals" joke here). See we still do ride bikes, fuckin A.

Ben, No Footed can. To the pedals, obviously.

Ben, 3 attempt that came out as a tucked 180. Fair play, still looked fucking cool

Jon (oh wherefore art my H) tucking like the MBUK cover boy he is.

Stu got fully bullied into repeating this over and over, and after it all, the first shot was the best anyway. Never mind eh, practice makes perfect ay.
Also my entry for this months UKMB forum photo comp, so I'm relying on you Stuart

Jamie, dump 3's spot on all day, just gotta glue those feet to the pedals. Failed for not ripping his trousers this time.

Is that a table being laid Jon. Big on the hippage.

"I can do 'em anywhere me"

Well, do ya?
she might, have to ask at her gallery.

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