Monday, May 07, 2007

Bangkok sites and the Wedding

'tuk tuk's were the best way to travel. in and out the traffic, with the bonus of breathing in most of Bangkoks traffic polution every breath.

A very small part of the very 'Grand Palace' in Bangkok.

Turtles, park, city. Teenage mutant, bad film, pizza, mmmm.

Back-streets in Bangkok. Be a male on your own around here, and get offered any girl you want, to do anything you want, for any price you want. Thay actually carry laminated menu's of their girls. The amount of middle aged white men, and young Thai girls in the bars was actually pretty uncomfortable for anyone with a half normal moral standard.

Kat and Ian. Great photo. I Rock
We were in Thailand because of this wedding. Incidentally.

Kat's family photo' Kat and Ian tried their best to set me up with Naan/Nahn (3rd in from the left) who was sweet, hot and had studied English in New York, but the fact that I flew off about 5 hours after meeting didn't help much.

Go faster internals inside the wedding tranport.

The Pimpmobile. Almost every car in Thailand, however poor the district, is modded up in various ways. Often better than the attempts seen in England.

It seems to me...

that people that begin every other sentance with "I think...", do not infact think at all, but instead just speak in a directionless meander, with false 'facts' and unconsidered opinions.

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