Monday, May 07, 2007

The Northern Regions of Thailand

Long neck tribes from the hilltop villages. Amazingly friendly people seeing as people come to stare at them.
Had to get a bike picture in somewhere. In the long-neck hilltribe villages of Chang Mai

The 'Pagoda' (no, not the band, duh). Burmese style of temple, with the rings at the top representing the various stages of heaven. Contains relics of Lord Buddha, as do most of the larger Thai temples.

An amazingly dark temple under construction by Wat Rongkhun (who has the later parts of cancer so will not live to see it's completion), but this place will be a whole new beginning of religious constructed history.

Inside the incredible temple were modernistic designs still being completed

Hill Tribe Villages in Northern Thai province of Chaing Rai

1400 years old, roughly

Not the use of umbrella's while driving mopeds. Not pictured are parents driving with 2 kids in front and 2 behind on tiny mopeds

Chinese style temple in Burmha

5Kph and red-lining. How to care for an engine Thai style

Is it wrong that I have seemingly complete distaste for the Arab nations with no apparantly supportive reason for it? The countries, culture, people, without even touching on the hypocracies of the religion, interest me no more than their prescense on the news forces me to take note of them.

I can think of no other area of the world I know so little about, yet care so little about my ignorance of. I currently see this part of the world, just as the un-attractive suburb betweens the varying highlights of the cities or the country.

Bland, uneducated and ego-centric, though whether that descrives the above subjects or myself is debatable when contexts as it has been.

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robert said...

RE: arab nations

the media gives us these ideas and they are woefully inaccurate. we must think&see for ourselves