Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This is the End of the World as we know it.

Just a quick update of a sad sad sad sad day here. While life over in Les Gets with the Brooklyn is still as good as ever, although the rain won't stop, I was informed of a piece of bad news today.

Farrell 'I'm the biggest cunt in the music industry' Williams of T.W.A.T fame (is that N.E.R.D.?) has recently purchased 2 Brooklyn Mini-Links for one of his music vids and 'Cruising to the Shops'....!!!!

And now he's bleedin gone and hooked up with the company, fed them some green stuff (dollars I believe, rather than useful green stuff) and collaborations may be ahead between Brooky and Pharells various gay companies.

For the first time ever I feel shame (a little at least) in riding a Brooklyn. WHY GOD WHY!!!

See Link: http://www.ride-central.com/cutenews/images/Brooky.jpg

Various pics of Mini-Link may show how dickhead William will never be using it.


Anonymous said...

If he really cared he'd donate the bikes to people who cant afford them but would use them for there intended use (ie, not for a tootle up the shop). What a waste.

Mikey S said...

thanks for the agreement.
err, who are you?


Anonymous said...

Oh just a rider from the uk. I was in les gets this summer and while drinking in le boomerang I heard about the barmans turner dhr getting nicked, I saw the post about bike thefts on the mbuk site and found a link to this site. Seems kind of good.

Mikey S said...

cool. i love it when randoms turn up on this site. gives me that little warm feeling inside like it may be worth my effort.

ps barman and other nicked bike guy both have shiney new giant glory's now.

Anonymous said...

Ahh sweet giant glorys are nice with that plush rear swingarm linkage configuration - they'll no doubt be keeping a keen eye on them after being robbed before. ps, I think more articles like the pharrel/brooklyn bikes one need to be written. Mtb journalism needs to sit on the fence less and give more real opinions.