Thursday, August 03, 2006

more of the same, in that it's music i suppose.

Have some gypsie punk music:

Anyhow, how are all you ex blog cunt's??? I miss all your frequent if inane updates (ha!). Now in a phone-less world, which is actually a total joy, I do feel a little out of contact with the 'reel' world.

Sorry I'm not updating more but i'f im near internet in the bar i'm generally working or drinking.

Best paint-graphics for an Orange 223 ever I believe

Me having a little huck in the woods. Nice sun glare.

Ad having a little flip into the foam pit. This thing is too much fun.

Tim making kayakingf look too easy.

Here's some tour de france photo's. cos it came past our door.

The LondON bus, whatever that's about.

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