Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yo Blogentertainee's.

Not much happened, but I'll somehow stretch it to about 10 minutes of reading and 2 hours of uploading for me.

Blogs = Shit.

First off, Giant Slugging Moth video part 2:

Ok, so on friday, Chelmsford was full of Street Entertains from around Europe. This was brilliant and should happen more regularily, the town filled with people, and people on stilts kept chasing chavvy girls making them scream. Spot On.

These are tall monster guys that liked chasing Chavvy sorts around, much to my amusement. All seemed to leave me alone which I appreciated. Possibly they were flammable and I was smokin

Tall guy again. Actually part
of a UK group called Insectoids. The fact he was infront of the Next sign tickled me for some unknown reason.

These are The lovely Ass's of giant insects (not arse's) belonging to Joanna Peacock's Freaks (UK). As insects go, these were fairly hot. More so than yesterdays Moth.

Again from Jo's Freaks this 'Chrome Queen' wasn't wearing much, chrome included, but efforts to zoom in on sex organs were inhibited by reflecteveness of costume. Well designed...

And More.

Heres the giant cockroach things sitting on a post-box in Chelmsford, with people around them going shopping. Why can't the world be more like this more often???

Highlight of the Street-Art day... I'm sitting photo'ing giant cockroaches, and I get bear hugged by this monste
r, who turns out to be inhabited by a lass, who sounded very fit, and introduced me to her wife, who spoke
less, but I ended up sitting on a bike in Chelmsford high street with my arm around two lass's in giant moster outfits. Like I say, days like this should be more common...

How can a picture this brilliant actually exist. The Jekyll being say on by a hot sounding girl in a monster costume....

This old couple were wandering about waving their walking sticks, and moaning at kids, but they had Drum and Bass absolutely PuMpInG out of their trolleys. Absolute classic, they even went into superdrug in such style. I awkwardly danced with the furry mosters to said D&B.

This is the Cockroach guy looking pretty scary to be fair.

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Jules said...

Has the whole of Chelmsford gone on an acid trip?!