Sunday, May 28, 2006

Oh yeah, thanking you very much to Jools for the new High 'Zine header picture above, the more the merrier, just to make people scan down half a page to get to content.

And I went for a bike ride to Hanningfield Resevoir today, it was great, if tyring. The Journey there was hassle free, then I arrived, got harassed by Geese, left, saw two lass's wearing super mini-dress's getting their photo's taken in and around a phone-box in the middle of no-where (no camera damn it, I could have produced my own softcore for the blog!!!), then got chatting to a guy with a jet black ford mustang, then saw a Noble supercar, gave it the throttle sign, and it aquiested and made a lovely lovely noise and disappeared very fast. Good Day.

XC race this wednesday people. 4 mile course, many laps as possible, starts about 7 or 8pm near Dartford i think. Check chelmer cycles or here for details.

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