Thursday, May 25, 2006

Evening Bloggers (how mundane)

Not many blogs, due to free house this week, so most evenings have passed in a haze. However, I have very much got back into cross country biking cos I can't jump at the moment, so lots of long muddy miles are being had. I may take my camera out for future events.

If its sunny tomorrow I'm going lake swimming/river swimming. If it's not, I won't. I'm also going to the bank. Any I may pop into town tomorrow as Chelmsford HighStreet will be full of street entertainerrs, which is just the stuff for High 'Zine.

Ie pointless crap, but good.

Anyhow, heres some pics and video's of a monster Moth I just found.

This moth was pretty cool, if a little docile. First I took it's photo, then I used the flash, then I used the flash about 2mm from it's head. Still no movement. Ah-ha, Dead Moth. So I (as you would) poked it. not dead moth, just the Josh of the Moth world. It vaguelly moved its wing in a "get the fuck off me you 800ft cretin" sort of way.

So I put it in a glass, and took more photo's and films.

Then I took it outside, and released it, but it appeared happy where I left it. However, I wasn't, as my anticipated giant flying moth, had infact turned out to be a Giant sitting Moth. So I poked it some more.

Then I tried to lure it onto my hand. By "tried to lure" I mean 'poked it until it walked'. So then we socialized for a bit, and I poked it around my hand and flashed camera's at it and filmed it.


So eventally my low patience beat me and i returned it to a leaf, but it now liked my finger, so I poked it, but it just ran around my hand, so I gently flicked my hand, but it stuck on, so, errrr, then I panicked like a little girl, started shaking my arm violently and making "eeeeh eeeeeh eeeeeeh#" noises, until after about 10 seconds, and making me cry (well, nearly) it relented, and fell on the floor.

Couldn't leave it there, but with no wish to repeatedly embarass myself in front of a Giant lazy Moth, I picked it up on some paper and returned it to a leaf. Adventure over.

Oh, and to the bike people. Here are my forks going to Timothy Floosk for some Pimpin, and here are my new pair of Five-Ten trainers (still boxed, w00t), which are stickier than sticky on pedals.


bob said...

thats one fucking brilliant moth.

it looks like a giant dust ball with eyes

george said...

sweet moth

Mikey S said...

brilliant summary George. Cheers.

Jules said...

moth wank...greatness much enhanced by the "moving pictures" clip (ie video)