Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Right, here it is, the new face of Highzine.

For any successful website, there needs to be a decent symbol that can be spray-painted on trees and cats. Because 'graff is cool. So here it is, blow it up, cut out the outline, and go plaster/spray it over stuff, for fun like. Though I havent solved the floating triangle in the bottom left so you can all work on that.

Anyone that fancies a go at creating a highzine tag/logo, get it to me and it may be appreciated.

Anyhow, while we're arting about, here's me about to drop into a cartoon.

Here's Tim in a surrealist piece of modern art

And here's Glenn glowing down Woburn.
If anyone else is wondering why there isn't a picture of them up there, its because I hate you.

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