Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hey cunt-niggers.
time to rid the highzine blog of this panzy nice-ness shite.
I iz back (for a bit) and I have finally fixed my internet, so over the next period Highzine will resume with full offensive force, and http://snowzine.blogspot.com will be updated with all of the winter fun and stories about, although it may be only the clean stories/photos on there as parents want to show people and that sorta thing (fully hardcore, errr), so anyhow, not doing shit now cos MI II is on at 9pm, so as of hopefully tomorrow night, mass stuff will be coming onto here, infact i might do some tonight when the news comes on mid film so check both sites.

later cracko's

oh, and more colours in future posts, this is a kind of quazi post, not a real one, just a warm-up post, the diet coke of posts that chunkies buy with their supersize meal, a nutrigrain bar of a post, a bit sticky and shit, a diarrehea (SP???) of a post, still shit, but no discerneable content, just the annoying burn.


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