Thursday, May 11, 2006

Alright Blogknobs.

Not many comments recently, I may have to start advertising for a new blog base, clearly you guys arn't up to the job any longer. Perhams Melbourne will provide interesting blog guests who appreciate sports clothing and air pistols.

Chicksands Jam (by Jam I mean ride) [by ride I mean us lot faffing] tever. moving on, faster rather than slower, with no further delays, or verbal traffic jams, so, back to the Jam.

Right then, some randoms to start off with, including a tidy 360 (non blurred Jon [with no visible H])

I'm not sure what this is to be honest, it looks like a tweaked 3 or a 3 table, but it might just be a whip by an unknown.

Here's Jon (save up and buy an H) airing the hip. He did X this but the photo was rubish. So I deleted it to save face.

Dan hits the wallride avec stylee. Well, avec an Identiti at least, so its a good start.

T(h)at boy hitting the same wall ride but looking taller.

Stu wipping the step-up. Sorry it's a bad photo, all my fault, sorry again. gay..

Stu had this step-up proper, and was only surpassed by the HT boy who was too sick, and the girl who hit it flat out and had no hope of making it because of her large gravitational pull back to earth.

Ok, so, me and R498 ERT went to another Critical Mass ride, this time on the last sunday of May. Rob now owns Critical Mass and is fully responsible for any legal difficulties it encounters, as he has been given one of the larger CM websites to manage. However, I've forgotten the addy so get it to me Rob and I'll link you up.

Ok, blocking a junction facing forward.

and facing the other way.

lots of people like

And at nighttime.

And on a relevant not, the Government (Acronym: WANKERS) have pushed through another bill to force Parliament Squares long term protester to remove himself or be removed. You may remember a bill was introduced purely to move this man a few years back, but he fought it on the basis he was there before the bill came in, AND WON! So now the bastards have backhanded him (new labour?? NO???) and ignored all laws and just told him to sod off, in a great case of 'We're right and have the power, You're wrong and have none, so get out before we set the truncheons on you'

Fuck that for democracy.

See below for details:

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bob said...

fuck that. poor brian. he won't leave without a fight though.