Friday, June 02, 2006

Hey Blogmetallers.

If there's one thing people should not get through their life without seeing, it's a parrot headbanging to 'Bullet For My Valentine'.

This video was reviewed by the h'less Jon:
jOn says: the vid is awesome
jOn says:
yeh its way too kl

If there's another, it's me rocking it up on a Triumph motorbike.
however, you'll have to wait for the other, as blogspot won't let me upload pictures at this moment in time.

By the way, if you cut down the handlebars on a downhill bike, you get two lovely rings to add to your collection of bike jewellery. Which is nice. Any other suggestions to thh normal address.

Softcore then, it's been a while, so I had to put in the effort, and look what I've come up with (every pun intended). She's not-un-hot, and she's ON A BIKE. Wow, that saddle must be moist now. How great is the word moist by the way. It's fantastic.

Gallery Here

'tever shits.

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