Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hola at you dogg! A little late with this update, but here are the much anticipated pictures from last weekend (29th/30th April).

On the Saturday Me (Jon with no crash, bang, wallop H), Glenn, Stu and Julian went to Rom. So without further ado, here are the photos...

Gloin with a stall out of the clover leaf. Der!

This is a Porsche, which someone decided to fit roof bars to and drive their bike to Rom!

Stu (pid) with a tabletop out of the mogels, flatter than your Nandad yar!

Glenn managing to air this stupidly small spine.

A truly great picture of me on the vert wall.

And me slamming backwards into Julian, my fondest memory.

Gloiny being an air kid again and getting silly height out of the mini ramp!

Maxin, Relaxin. But what is Stu Eating?

That was the first day of a bonza weekend! Glenn managed to stab his handlebar into his leg after catching his back wheel on the top of a ramp and falling to the flat bottom onto his bike. The fact he has no bar end caps ment a lovely slice at the top of his leg! All the best with recoverin Glenn.

Moving swiftly on, sunday was a ball, only with less dancing and more dirt. Me and the bad boy Matt Watson went to Chicksands for a dirt jump adventure.

Another flash car.

Me with a tyre grab, and a shite look on my face!

Bar turn!!

Watson with true moto style, bwaarrrp!

Watson styling it up again, with some facial tree cover.

Ex-Identiti rider Rob Goose with an attempt at a 360 tabletop, sicko!

Goose again, with a nice shot of the trails.

This is Josh, a total Style Munger! Sitting down on the job.

Mr Glen Coe (normally seen upside down) laying it flat.

And that, as they say, is that, or is it?...

Well no its not, because after Chicksands we followed our pal Ant to Melbourn trails. These are some funny dirt jumps, with the main set of 8 Jumps starting regular curb sized and progressively getting to bus stop curb sized!

It was getting dark so only a few shots were taken that were actually light enough. Here they are...

...and that, as they say, is that. Or is it?...

...yes it is...

...and who are 'they'?...

...are they 'they' or 'them'?...

...or 'those'?...

Peace out.

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