Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ok, photo's finally managed of Woburn and 'Chicky', two of the best bike jump-spots in the country. Sick big jumps, sick good riders. And us.

Over-view of Woburn.

Jon (with no apparent H) airing down the main line.

Jon (in colour but H-les) X-ing the last of the main pack

Glenn 1 foot X-up over the last.

Overview again with John airing like the bitchfuck he is.

Glenn Whipping it out over the last.

Stu flying the DH course, we'll get him over the doubles yet, but currently still the DH shit.

Overview again with one of the locals flat table.

Woburn seriously is the dogs danglies. It has sooo many lines and soo many good riders. While we're there part time G-bikes rider Sam Johnson turns up, looks smooth, then breaks his bike. Shortly after Glenn Coe, of Double Backflip (give him the damned cigar, it was pretty much there) fame turns up to dig and look pretty. Also some kid in this months MBUK mag as well who was super smooth.

Glenny and Jon (with no real H) ripped up the whole line. Tim was still the sexiest rider ever, but due to unperfect landings didnt make it through the whole set till the end of the day. Still looked super hot on the first 3/4.
Stu the DH kid was having mental problems and couldn't get his head around what were, in fairness, the biggest jump's he'd been to.
I was having a cracking day. Second run clip on jump 2's landing, nose-wheelie down the landing and elbow plant the 3rd take-off leaving an impressive 3 or 4 inch dent in the earth, and a sore elbow.
Session for a bit then decide to hit the large 4th jump, nose-bonk the landing, get ready to go over the bars, the bike saves me from that but instead dumps me onto my saddle, which helpfully bends out of the way (yay, my balls are stronger than steel saddle rails) and leaves me to ride out of the jump with my ball sack on the back tyre. (btw, this is the saddle after it's been bent mostly back to shape in order to get it off the seat-post. Luckily had a spare saddle with me so could keep riding)
Needless to say I rolled round in agony for about, errr, 3 seconds, then realised i'd get landed on so dragged my self and the bike out of the landing and sat around feeling like puking for the next hour or so.

Woburn wasn't the same for me for the rest of the afternoon.

From here we packed up and moved down the road 30 minutes or so to Chicksands.

Chicksands is better for me than Woburn, the jumps are bigger but easier, and there's only 3 jumps in the line so a bit less hassle than Woburns 5. This place truelly is good fun, and so soft stacks hurt much less.

Overview of the main 6 pack with some random over the middle.

Glenn with a tweaked toboggan over the last.

Glenn with a blurry 1 foot X over the last.

Tim getting Turn-downs on the small line. These are super hard on a mountain bike. respec'

Tim tabling the small line.

What a spot. Love it, even with the rain. And the tortured teddy bear, sent me the pictures/video please lads. if you would be so kind.

On the journey back home there's an accident on the A12 about 1/4 mile ahead of us so all the traffic is stopped and it don't look like we're gonna get far. As is is we all get out the cars and chill for a while. It's tempting to get the bikes out and have a sesh on the A12 but we're all a bit too scared of the police. As it is we go for a walk to have a look at the crash but down see much except a sick amount of flashing blue lights.

On the way back to the cars everyone wants to be our friend and find out whats going on, my two favorite responses were:

Random: Did you see anything down there? Me: Yeah, cars. (exit stage left) Random2: What's going on down there? Stu: Some dude's spread all over the road and they're scraping him up and dragging the wreckage off the road? Random2: Oh my god! Really! Stu: No, not really (exit stage left)

In fact in the half hour we were parked no the road we seemed to offend most of the people around us. Impressive really. I think getting the frisbee out finished it off.

Final lesson of the day:
When driving along it is possible to turn of the ignition of a car, put the car into an appropriate gear, turn on the electrics of the car, and use the gears to start the engine with little problem.

To take this a stage further Tim suggested I remove the keys an show them to Stu as he drove past us. Seemed quite a comic plan. So Stu moves to outside lane, we're in middle lane. I remove the keys, roll on, wave keys at Stu, he smiles, slight bent in the road, i turn wheel.... steering lock engages.......

Needless to say we went out of our lane, across the front of a lorry on the inside lane, then stopped about 2 ft from the crash barrier on the hard shoulder (no servo assisted brakes). Me and Tim exchange looks, restart the car, rejoin motorway, then crease up wondering how we were still alive.

Don't do it at home kids. Or on the M1. You've been told.

After I get back R498 ERT comes round, we have a smoke and attempt to watch Sin City which is godly but the CD dies so we sleep.

This is me this morning.

Went to Camden today again. Took Parents. Scared Parents. Got a hot jumper, loved it. Like a lord of the rings cloak material but a hoody tigh a toggle neck bit, pimpass.

Ok, so todays softcore is something special. As you may or may not know I luuurve Spanish/Latin girls, and these two lovelies and their galleries will show you why, these lass's are in fact nigh on perfect, second one especially. Enjoy.

Tatiana and her gallery

Maria and her Gallery.

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