Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rightyo blogknobs.
This is gonna be one seriously large amount of photo's post, expecially when you add in the softcore (pretty special today, my favorite by far)

To begin, tribute and a tear in the eye.
Aforementioned on this site 'Kate' is leaving us (well has left now) for a year to travel the world, pick up diseases and get held up by gun-men with large penii. She'll be greatly missed with her depressive lovlines ;)

To celebrate/comisserate her leaving we hit London BIG STYLEEEE. Well, by that i mean 5 blokes initially, and 3 girls.
Met mostly at kates, then traveleld to Picadilley circus where dudes 4 and 5 arrive. From here we hit some lovely Italianish pizza type place at the circus. Muchos food is consumed and silly amounts of house wine. Well a fair amount.

The bill arrives, £15 per head, we look bemused, that seems cheap, check the bill. No drinks on it. Pay up, leave swiftly, good stuff.
From here guys 4 and 5 leave us so we're now 3 boys 3 girls. Intyas.

Irish bar on the circus next, have a couple, it really loud, really busy and i'm pretty sober. wasn't happy. Luckily it shut at 11 so we moved on...

to Soho.. Which fuckin rocked ass. Loads of weirdo's and happy people. Ended up in a pub opposite G.A.Y. bar which wasnt g.a.y., but it did have Psycho playing on the TV, followed by Ed Wood, which kept me amused when I went into my 'drunk not talking' phase. Loved it.

This was followed by a sickeningly long journey home on the night bus and back to Kates. The blurredness of the picture pretty much represents my eye'sight at the time accurately.

Next morning we lay in and upset the girls with our 'boy smell'. Jo goes to work, Andy stays in bed so myself, Gav Kate and Becky hit Camden Market, love every minute of it, then head to Carnaby street, followed by Pickadillay circus, play with some Ipod Nano's in the Apple shop, then 'waste' the rest of the afternoon loving every bit of Hamilys toy store. Fuck yeah.

To make this easier I'm gonna leave this blog here and do the major picture uploading above.
Bye Kate, missing you already. By becky, enjoy Leeds, you reminded me how lovely you were. Bye Jo, i'll most likely see you soon :)

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