Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ok this is actually the second part of the blog but it's all in a strange bottom to top order.

To continue. Went to pub, Compii pub in fact. Normal gang plus lovely Sarah, however I didn't actually speak to her.

Not really sure what's happened in this picture, but everyone sems to be amused except Matt.
Maybe they pointed out a footballer with a beard that he had missed.

Last real point. Parked in 24hr Tesco's tuther day right by this Lotus Exige, think sooper tarted up Lotus Esprit. Man this was a mean monster sick fuck machine. Serious nastiness. It scared me being in view of it. How much do i want one??

Lots, Seriously. My pants were thoroughly creamed over this car. Lots of times..

Ok then. Softcore time.

I couldn't choose between these two absolute stunners (both probably underage) so I've given you one of each and a gallery link. Thank me sexually later.

Tiffany Teen. Looking incredible in her halloween outfit. I wish to remove it.


and SexyTeenSandy doing my shopping for me before she comes home and I gently feel her breasts underneath that top..

Her Gallery

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