Friday, September 23, 2005

Blogger's Unite.
Hello all again. Just returned from a marveloso shopping trip with the lovely Sarah where I learnt the importance of removing the lid from every item you buy to check if it's the nicest smelling of the choice. Somewhat bizarre I thought, made less effective by the fact I struggle to smell as it is, let alone picking up subtle differences.

This smell trip (good all round name, as along with the lovely scents of the female shopping list, this was offset by the god-awful-stench of the post night out fag beer sleep smelling hobo Mike. No wonder it was a brief goodbye hug) was preceeded by a wonderful sainsburies full english all day breakfast (for once eaten before noon). Good job,well done.
All of this was preceeded by some lovely bike riding into town and back too many times. I rode into town with R498 ERT on my 'brakeless' left R498 ERT in the town centre, then realised I'd left my timesheet in the car (the real R498 ERT i suppose?) so then had to ride the 'brakeless' back to Bob's, get the sheet, then rode back to town, then back to the car at Bob's again. Fun. Then proceeded to breakfast.

BTW, the 'BAR BUSH' sticker is no longer on the Town Sign (a disgrace I say) and I didn't even get a picture.

On the note of bikes (briefly). I introduce the new and improved 'Howies' jump over Danbury common. It's taken me approximately 2 hours and 10-15 wheelbarrows of dirt, but stage one is complete. Hopefully will approx. double in size and length when I get time to dig some more. But it rides nice and it feels like you're in the air for half hour or so. Very floaty.

So onto last night at the Basement.

Well, we started at the Ship, See photo. Elevation was unneccasary but only Andy caught on. GECKOS, CHAMELEONS AND MORE...

The Basement Kicks fuckin girls ass man. It fucking rocks. Ok the music wasn't really my thing, but it was damn good. But more importantly I've finally found a music scene in Chelmsford. The bay Horse and that have music, but the scene is shit, The Basement has a scene. Rocking yeah fuck.

While there we met Ollie's


With Mzzz Rashbrook was her lovely friend Emily, who's photo still eludes me. Help me out Rob, i need your evidance of her loveliness.
Under instructions to Dog and Bone her (if only) at BBC Essex early sunday morning. Can't really imagine that conversation.

"Hi you're live on BBC Essex and in with a chance of winning a fantastic holiday to suffolk, what do you have to say??"
'Hi is Emily there please (Mrs Petterson?)'

Anyhow, it all got messy as the evening went on...

and George looks great in this photo.

Softcore then. What have we today (besides the above photo's of Sophie, the gorgeous Sarah, and hopefully Emily soon [more, you want more???])

Well I'm spoilt for choice to be honest so I'm going to spoil you all. (I cant save them for another day or I'll forget where they came from)

First off for R498 ERT and George. Lovely Goth bird. Especially nicely set off by the Brittany Spears Calander in the background.

For those with great choice another Raven Riley pic, and her Gallery (quite lovely indeed)

And finally to be topical. Kate Moss is fantastic. I really love her. More so now everyone hates her. Didn't they teach you at school? Drugs are very much cool. Don't be such a tool. Mzzz Moss is no fool.
'Tever. Shits.

i just want to 'cup' her in this last photo. You know what I mean Bob. Think the chaps photo.


bob said...

best one yet mate. i did wonder what happened after that groggy wake up ride. i have pictures of emily and yes she was gorrrrgeous, evidence will be given in due course.

i love the way we have yet again pigeon-holed george as a tobacco addict

Mikey S said...