Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Morning Bloggers. It's been an exciting few days, with little happening.

To conclude from the previous post I did indeed get out for my bike ride, and returned to my 'heaven' spot. M
Thursdaynight/friday morning maybe? People free?

Anyhow, pictures:

First is a friendly goat I met whilst on a road section. I called him 'Humphrey'. Then he ran away.

Second is an even friendlier squirrel I met whom I called 'Dead'. He didn't run away...

Note the crow pecked eyes, always a heart warmer.

As some may know my parents invested themselves in a lovely piece of machinery with the following most important badge on it:

It's an important badge, because it means when you press on the accelerator, the whole car rocks from side to side. And when it leaves the driveway it gives the whole lane a head-ache.

See the rest, looks good from behind. Would make a good rally car.

Continued in the above blog, even though you'll read this last. Softcore up there ^^

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bob said...


if you ever rally that car i'll kill you, it's beautiful!