Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ok Blog-spots. This is part 2 of a blog so read the one below first.

After leaving Danbury we took Sam and Dom onto the Wid jump spot. Seshions were had. Both of them are super-gay and got through the dodgy hip line first time pretty much. Damned hard-tailers.

Have some Photo's.

Sam the still-whippet, whipping..

Dom tweaky knows after I missed the X-up.

Also a pimp ass picture of the sky looking like an alien ship is gonna emerge Indepandance Day stylee. With less Will Smith. not necessarily a bad thing.

Ok so after the Wid a street ride was on the cards, but on the way into town Sam and Dom call upon tiredness as an excuse and head off back to the cars. Myself and Stu continue into town and have a sesh for a few hours. Good stuff, played up to a load of kids around the Burger King stairs for about 45 minutes, they were loving it. Good to have a crowd not out to mug you.

On returning to the car we see Sam and Don have improved R498 ERT for me. Cheers guys.. Last time i give you my helmet chalk..

Good potential for future car decoration though. Although think i might leave the Paedo writings off though so errant parents don't smash up my car...


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