Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blog For Fun 2 part blog today, starts here, finishes above cos i cant be arsed to blog in reverse.

Today was a special day. ~Today Sam came down from sarffend to ride his bike with us. To make this better he brought his mate Dom. They turned up in an oooold skool grey camper van, hand painted with brush-strokes visible, and hand painted chequered flag effect around the bottom of the van and inside the engine bay. Faaar too cool for skool. See ambulance landscape pic below.

So yeah, we met them over Danbury common, and to prove how great they are, Sam had, painted by Dom, the only other bike helmet I've seen to be covered in blackboard paint except mine. These guys rock.

Dom and Sam in a tree. The best photo spot is essential to any photogropher kid. Like.

So riding then. Sam's a whippet. As shown here. He whips.

This is Dom. He got style for myles.

Onto the unfortunate incident of the day. As well as Sam and Dom being at Danbury, so was half the bike population of the South east (or so it seemed) with everyone digging and working hard nice to see. However, sadly, GreIg, one of our local boi's decided when dropping into the nastiest canyon drop he would catch a pedal on a root on the way down. He then decided to go over the bars and fall about 20 foot onto his face. Which was nice.

He proceeded to lie on the floor moaning and having fits for the next half hour before medics arrived, which leads us to the highlights of the day:

Firstly some random couple suddenly appeared out of the bushes with their dog and started going hysterical and ordering everyone around and took personal care of GreIg. Bit weird if you ask me, i think they set a trap for him just so they had something to be hysterical about. Bloody annoying woman kept getting in the way of the bikers trying to take pictures of the fitting greg, or ride the line that he helpfully decided to roll out of in agony. She was a pain. Her dog was great though and kept licking GreIgs bloody face or walking over his convulsing body, so it was decided to remove him. Therefore i was left in charge of the best psycho dog in the world. See photo. He rocked. I then tied him to a tree and sam took control of him.

Which leads us to the medical help. We phoned 999 for an ambulance. First off, a standard unmarked mondeo arrived with a woman inside with oxygen and bandages. Seems she was 'local emergency response' or something. Rent-a-medic so i called her to her distaste.

She also turned up in shitty slip on shoes, real helpful for walking around cliff edges in a biking quarry.

After her turned up a medical car (left of landscape photo). These guys had a few more toys and came to the rescue.

Then the ambulance turned up, seems they didn't need directions, they knew the common well....

They then asked where they could park out of the way to get the other ambulance through... "other ambulance?" we inquired. Yes, it seems this was a gay pointless ambulance and wasn't here to tkae GreIg away, They had another ambulance commnig for that. So by the time this is done we have 2 cars and 2 ambulances for 1 injured GreIg.

On top of this these people couldn't drive for shit.Car 1 no problem, Car 2 had to move car 1 around to save walking 5 ft more. Ambulance 1 arrives and tries to go over a bank to get out the way for ambulance 2. Gets stuck, we laugh. Ambulance 2 arrives, drives down, cant turn around, tries to turn around, hits tree branch. turns straight again, reverses all the way back out of the common path, turns round, reverses all the way back down. We could smell his clutch for hours afterwards...

Anyhow, with GreIg out of the way riding resumed and danbury was sessioned for most of the afternoon. Everyone was riding like champs, but these 2 blogs are for Sam and Dom so I'll pass you over to the above blog with another picture of each over the table.

Sam Whip.

Dom Whip.

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