Sunday, September 25, 2005

Evening Blog Cunts.
Today Was slow. Although cheered up by a number of events.

First off, the first ever A1 Grand Prix occured, To those not in the know it's basically a world cup grand prix set up by some rich sheet (read Shiek). Basic premise:

F1 cars, but the guy bought 50 identical ones (UK made, yay)
Gave 2 to each team, 1 team per country.
Each team races 1 car, 1 driver.

Theory is tecnology is equal so racing is closer. Gotta say, it worked. Highlights:

No traction control etc, so cars were drifting around corners and getting twitchy. Looked mint.
Boost button, like a PC game, you hit a button in the car and you have a limited amount of 'boost; giving you 40bhp more to help overtake. It worked.
Aerodynamics designed to allow the car behind to slipstream well, making overtaking commonplace.

Was a damned good 2 races (sprint race and feature race). Worth watching in the future if you have SKY (Acronym for CUNTS).

So after this me and 'Hairy' Dave hed (P.E.) over to Bicknacre to ride the half-pipe and mini jumps. Half-pipe was fun and learnt to drop in at last. Which wasn't as scary as was expected.

We also befriended 'Mark', some 4 year old kid with no parents in sight. Dodge. So we taught him to do big skids and to ride the half-pipe. He was nuts. Even when we went to the jumps he went bigger than most of the 10-15 year old kids. Bit dodgy though cos he kept asking me to take his picture and I didnt wan't to get arrested.

This got worse when Dave went for a piss in the bushes. Mark decided this would be fun so stood beside 'Hairy' Dave, whipped his kecks down to his ankles, then started singing while shacking his cock around pissing. Me and Dave hastily beat a retreat and allowed him to meet us back at the jumps with his 'tackle' back in his pants. Thank God

So onto the trails. We (as in the danbury crew) have been basically given permission to take ownership of these trails cos the council can't be arsed. So hopefully Stu is getting a JCB from work and we're gonna flatten the place and start over cos it sucks so bad. Rocks sticking out the ground and all overgrown and such.

Sadly can't see too much cos of the light conditions.

'Hairy' DAve with a load of kids at the jumps.

These are the shit trails.

This is me below Shaun going big.

'Hairy' Dave and the Trails.

On the way back Dave was telling me he trusted my driving. This worried me so we did a 180 on a skinny country road. This shut him up. Here's Dave insisting we get a photo of the massive tyre tracks across the road, which again aint too easy to see cos of the light, but t'was comedy.

Now I'm having a beer cos I have no green, and am tasting these lovely 'Mum' made jam tarts. Fantastic.

So Softcore..

dunno Who this lass is but she's damned hot and here's her gallery. EDIT: My internet is being supergay or something so can't get a picture up, just go with the gallery link.

Oh, and for anyone who likes Raven Riley (see other Softcores), here's a gallery of her getting shot in the back of the head. Or something.


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