Friday, September 02, 2005

Morning Bloggers.
Hope you didn't get shot since yesterday.

Violent crime is a big problem now-a-days. Just the other day I walked into Kaleorphic [sic] and punched a greebo in the face.
Fuckin dirt monkeys.

Today I have no plans, so I ought to go riding. But i'm lazy and have no drive. I promise myself I'll try though.

More 'Sad' cartoon updates to come later. Applied for a job as a greens-keeper at an exclusive golf course today. Probably won't get it.

Anyone know how to sign onto the dole?

Have a picture each of me and Robert. I'll try to bring you your soft porn update later.

1 comment:

bob said...

fucking greebos deserve everything they get, what with their big baggy trousers, their dirty weed habits and their smelly girlfriends.

and their bikes.