Thursday, September 01, 2005

The (possible) end of a productive blogging day.

I spoil you guys and gals with too much material. If you don't check back often you might miss something. Or nothing.

It's been a highly productive day today. After a late arising after some quality Thunderbirds watching in bed this morning (fucking kids went down the well dodgy looking mine of their own choice, why whould Int. Resc. risk their lives to save them. Natural selection clearly chose the dumb-ass's to die), i proceeded to chieve very little.

Aside from this mosterously artistic Gingerbread tosser of course:

Thought I'd found a road rally while i was out in me car tonight. So i followed a pimpass old escort rally car for like 20 miles and then realised it was just going home, so had to find my way back, but hey hum. Rallies comming up mid September if anyone fancies late nights.

So to finish off, here's your first installement of the hopefully near daily cute girl show. Enjoy.

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