Monday, September 05, 2005

Anyhow, on with More photo's.

Joe witha fully tweaked suicide no-hander.
Hoped you liked the Burgers and Chips dude, anything to keep the pikeys off 'em eh.

The lone fully 'Pro' Rider Mike Smith with a much loved no-legger Can. Makes a change from the X's of every other rider then.

'Kettle' Looking good as ever with a sick over-X. Still should have ridden his susser on the jumps though, he rips on the bigger bike.

Big respect to Si for bringing his own posse of attractive ladies, which kept most riders distracted for the weekend.

On the way home we were suddenly surrounded by motorbikes of every shape and size. We then noticed that every bridge we went under was full of 'sit and watch'ers so we fought through the bikes to our turn off and 'sat and watched' on the bridge too.

Seems it was an annual fund-raiser for the Air Ambulance (worthy cause, support it) with thousands of bikes, and to watch them all come through the A12 would take about an hour. Needless to say, very cool. Wheelies being pulled and lots of waving and loud bikes.

Right, that's pretty much all you're getting from the weekend. It Rocked, you should have come.

I'm planning a riding/walking trip soon. Go somewhere, dump the car, then ride/walk for a day, camp up in some woods somewhere, return the following day. Should be good. Suggestions of locations welcome, dales, peaks etc. Bear in mind I have no petrol money.

Here's some Softcore to keep you going. Laters.

This is Raven Riley. She's Absolutely Positively Great.

And if you disagree go buy some white lightning, beat up grannies, wear fake fashion gear, hang around in bus stops, and admire the stuck on kit on the car behind her.

Something for everyone.

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