Monday, September 05, 2005

Wow Everybody. Just got back from a weekend a Penshurst Off Road Cycling (acronym: TWAT) with young old Markus from uni.

'Twas the Dirt Jump Jam this weekend, which was highly anticipated and advertised (it was an almost readable message scrawled on the side of another mesage, good work guys) day/weekend that just shows how far DH organisers are willing to go out of their way to set up a Jump Comp. Not too far.

Previous to the weekend though was Friday Night In Chelmsford. Which began well down the Rocking Bay Horse watching Will Byles and 'His' band play. Sorry, I forget the name, something about Traffic? By the way. Rob didn't come.

You guys rocked, shame you're heading different ways for now.

Will in front of his loving crowd.

From here we moved onto the WheatSheaf (spelling?) opposite the Police station. Nice place when you're inside. Shame the bouncers came from the 'Too thick for the Police, too Undisciplined for the Army' Rent-A-Cop background.

Sexist door policies should have had their days. Either you're letting people in or you're not, just letting in Lass's is a poor show. That place deserves to have no windows.

From there it was onto the Fleece, previously the 'Rat and Parrot'. Not bad, bar staff were a bit out of it. Don't stay beyond 12'ish though cos it turn into 'Fight Club' Chelmsford stylee. Some people really need to smoke weed.. How can people be that energetic when they're drunk to go round screaming and fighting.

Anyhows, jumping..

Alongside the Dirt Jam was a long jump on the Step-Up.

I believe Kettle won it, with little Phil a close second. Good going Phil.

Mike Smith Flipping.
Who da man.

Great advert for DMR rear wheels, he hammered them like a cunt-fucking rhino.

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