Monday, September 12, 2005

Alrighty then. I'll run through the photo's in the order they're on the camera.

First off we had a pimpin night ride last night around Chelmsford, and finally managed to get the 'Bar Bush' sticker on the town sign. I'll get a photo when I remember, but check it out if you go to town. Can't really miss it.

Sadly because the street ride was soo good I didn't bother to get any photo's, except for this one of Mark changing his tyre. Bummer dude.

Today I was at work at the factory at 6am. (as i will be for the rest of the week). This required waking up at 4.45am.
4.45 am sucks cock.

However after that I managed to get out for me first XC ride in a long time.
In the words of Tim

'What's That? Cross Country!, on a.......Jump Bike!"

It rocked but doing long rides on a singlespeed hurts the old thighs a tad.
Anyhow, the other reason for the ride was to look for a chill place, and did I just about find it or what. See Below:

This is the spot. Idylic and how?

And here's a pic of me enjoying the spot. It rocked. In fact it was nigh on Heaven.

almost, but not quite......

Now It's Heaven...

Oh yeah. And then on the way home I got soo ridiculously lost it really was quite funny. So while i sat bemused as to which way to go down a scarily picturesque road, i chilled on the manicured grass verge and had a toffee crisp bar and a baby-bell. Ba Ba Ba

View Right:

View Left:

Sorry, no softcore at the moment, parents in too close proximity to search porno sites.

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