Sunday, September 11, 2005

Temporarily Oversold
This item will be back in stock shortly

Anyway. what the fuck is 'temporarily oversold'? Cock. Bucket of cock being stirred with a shitty stick. Language is fluid but this is just piss poor. Sold out is sold out. When you sell out you should come clean and be honest. I could go on but I'm tired, so I'll sit down here and rest. You go on, I'll catch you later. I'll be ok. It's only modern life. Oh yeah...... another thing. Those 'Save Money! Was £100, now £50!!' claims. Cock. Saving money is putting money aside for another day. Spending £50 instead of £100 isn't 'save', it's 'spend less'. Cock.

Morning all, returned from Ollies sis's 18th party. Was good. Many young felines. Females even. Emily was lovely. Not lovely enough to listen to BBC Essex for though. There are limits.

Heres the story anyhows. Was working at the Essex County Cricket Club (acronym: SHIT) doing some barwork when the following event occured featuring me (Me) and a customer (Customer)

Customer: Hi, can I have a coffee please.
Me: Sure, would you like black or white coffe sir?
Customer: White please.
Me: No problem, just a moment
Me: I'm sorry sir, we don't appear to have any white coffee, but we do have black coffee and milk.

Anyhows. Highzine has just recieved it's first official sponser:

Not really, it's out of a 'small' (small doesn't really sum it up enough, i'm not sure they really have a readership, its made with a photocopier for chrissakes.) bike magazine but it's possibly the best advert for quite a large 'famous' bike magazine i've ever seen.

Here's a pic of us down the pub. I'm not in it cos i took it. Innit.

The candles tooks some aquiring.
But not much

Here's a picture of a spidersweb.

It's not a spiders! It's Mine!
Dumb fat slag.

So, softcore eh.

Less 'soft today' but it was from a site of stunningly beautiful women and this was the only one that wasn't errr, self pleasuring?
no cock.

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