Monday, September 12, 2005

Little Extra Update.
Josh had an operation today to sort out his dodgy infected ears. However while he was under anasthetic, as my Dad put it "We thought, may as well get the full MOT done".

So poor Josh had his teeth shined or grinded or something, as well as his claws clipped on top of the ear op.

As of the moment he's still staggering around half asleep, but these photo's show the true tragedy:

How sad.
So funny, his eyes are even drooping bloodhound styleee.
Love it, hope you're bettertomorrow Josh.


Anonymous said...

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bob said...

what the fuck, where did that fucking spam come from??

anyway about josh, poor fucking thing. he is so sad looking anyway i just want to take him home and make a chair especially for him and make him pies and chips and make him happy

Mikey S said...

damn advertising gets everywhere.
wonder if i can alter it...