Sunday, March 18, 2012

A quick introduction passage.

Firstly, this Blog/Journal is 20 days in total. As such it runs over 2 or more web pages, when you get to the bottom click the 'older posts' option at the bottom right of the last narrative.

What follows below is my account of Toms, Tonys and my own journey around eastern Cambodia. It was written quickly and roughly to give me a rough idea afterwards of what went on. My memory is poor.
Some entries were written when drunk, but I left them in anyway. Others I've filled out from memory after.
The whole lot was typed up the day I got home while it was fresh, after being awake 48 hours flying. There's going to be spelling mistakes and bits that don't make sense.

The photo's haven't been processed at all and it often shows, I removed any pictures that were rubbish, but if in doubt I put pictures in rather than leaving them out, so some parts are quite image heavy and maybe a bit repetitive.

Anyway. Enjoy

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