Sunday, March 18, 2012

A rough guide of the route we took around Cambodia. Both routes from the Western boarder down to Phnom Pehn should be in red to show the bus parts of the route. I just messed up and did the lower one blue. The rest of the route shows the motorbike main travel routes.

Click on the Map to get a larger image

We hadn't considered we might need a map when we left, in fact we never really did. Why would we need a map in a country with barely any road signs and a pretty under developed road network generally.
Anyhow, sat in Phnom Pehn, a street seller came up to us, and amongst his books was a Cambodia map so we bought it. And for some reason trusted it and followed it for a good week or so. By which point it had been rained on, in a lake, lost and found many times, and we had firmly established that it was about as accurate as pointing in a random direction and shouting 'that way'

Anyhow, this is our map

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