Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 9 - Tuesday
Another day in paradise. Bang Lung is just great.
The morning was spent in the local market, buying fresh fruit for lunch. We loved the many little motorbikes and scooters just riding around the stools in the middle of a packed marketplace.
We rate £30 desert boots a lot, tough, comfy, really light and really quick drying.
We rate hammocks a lot too.

Tony reckon they're real, I'm more doubtful. But either way large Stihl saws with to hang guards.

The road warriors gain a new member

Oil change and lube up
First trick learnt, standing on the saddle one legged. Very 80's.

Then we had the bikes serviced on the roadside before heading off to a waterfall miles from anywhere. Our reception from the locals implied few westerners made it that far, lots of new friends who wanted to pose in pictures.

We thought he was washing his bike in the pools which made us laugh. But in hindsight, the waterfall was about 30km of dirt track from anywhere so that'd be pretty pointless. He might have been doing an oil change. eep.

Rubber Tree plantations are taking over the countryside, but in this situation took out breaths away as we rode round the corner to see their rows disappearing into the sun.


After washing, swimming and eating the fruits from the morning we hit the dirt road back, Stopped for a beer in a little village on the way through and there was a volleyball game going on round the corner so we grabbed our beers, and got invited to come in and watch. Made more friends with the locals kids, dogs and all the people trying to bully us into playing. We wimped out, they looked pretty good, V didn't and got involved. Impressed.
Learnt to officially jump a motorbike today as well, with a good pre-bounce you can almost bunnyhop these 250's, so with a bit of a lump in the ground they take off well. Started getting wheelies too but too cautious to get them up high.
Tomorrow, out into the wild proper, not even dirt roads, just the bush!

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