Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 7 - Sunday + Day 8 - Monday

Slacking in the Diary keeping, and struggling to remember what happened in the last day! We left yesterday morning early before the sun came out to avoid the heat, anticipating many hours on rough unmade roads to Bang Lung. However almost all of the roads have now been tarmac'd to some degree so we smashed the journey averaging 90kph, all in, about 4 hours riding.
By far the most excitement came from the fact that you would ride 10 to 15 minutes on perfect smooth empty roads, day dreaming away or chatting at each other, then the road would just fall apart for 20 yards into two foot deep sand and rock sections with no pre-warning. Keeps the concentration up! It's like inserting the occasional off road section into the M25, wouldn't be so much fun at night.

All accross Cambodia so far we'ed been paying for fuel with either Dollars or Riel, however out of the way, so we pulled over here, had a laugh with the young girl filling up the bikes, waved at all the kids in the hut behind it, then tried to pay and she didn't want dollars. And we didn't have enough riel left.
We're not the sort to drive off and short change a young girl, and it all got a bit awkward. Then a random young guy on a scooter pulled up and said hello. No reason it would seem other than he saw our strange lot and wanted to say hello and practise his English. So with his help we managed to accept the girl to take dollars if we over-paid her a little bit and all ended well. Deus ex machina!

We stopped at a waterfall as we got towards Bang Lung and had a shower on the rocks at the bottom, then had to ride 3km of soft dusty tracks back to the road soaking wet after. Didn't end up much cleaner..,
Found a guesthouse on teh side of a lake in the town, and befriended a French girl called Virginie (did I spell that right? From here-in to be known as V as she was to us). We all headed up to a nearby lake on the bikes for a swim in the afternoon, A perfectly circular ex-volcanic crater it turned out.

Monday was spent in Bang Lung, myself and Tom explored the local market for the morning, then grabbed some lunch and we picked up Tony and V and headed back to the lake for a swim. Next up was an explore of nearby dirt tracks on the bikes, some proper hill climbing in loose soft sand. Once again to be shown up by a young lady on a scooter climbing the same track on her way home.

After which, we found another picture perfect waterfall we could swim in, then onto another smaller one for a beer and a relax.
Here's a tree frog we found in the bathroom

A good a day in the tropics as you could wish for.

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