Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 15 - Monday + Day 16 - Tuesday

All this time eating and drinking from dodgy road Vendors, we get to the tourist capital of Cambodia and I'm woken with stomach cramps! Joy!
In fact monday and Tuesdays breakfasts involved eating half of the meal, running to the room to puke it back up, then returning downstairs to actually enjoy the second half of the food. Odd.

We hit up Angkor Wat Monday morning. It really is a hell of a sight/site. I'll let the pictures talk, but the most impressive thing is just the scale of the whole place.
Any one of the temples would be magnificent on its own, and there are seemingly miles of them. You can walk 5 minutes off the beaten track in any direction and find countless more temples with no-one near them, each as intricate as the main ones on the tourist trail.

For more information:

Temples soon blend into temples in your mind though, and we headed back to town and wandered into the night markets.
This town (siem Reap) really is a tourist hell hole though (well, the centre part of it anyway) Huge neon signs pointing the way to 'Pub Street' and spotlights into the sky and all that gumpf.

As it was we hit the beers at a quiet bar and spend the night drinking with a couple from Edinburgh and Belgium, listening to their tales of living in Egypt. Sounds like somewhere to avoid!

Tuesday was spend hunting for a bookshop (success!) and in the markets again, and now found a swimmming pool to chill out at, like a real holiday! but mid-city, and we're missing the bikes...

No swimming trunks so I've cut the legs off of my suit trousers. I left the jacket and shirt in Phnom Pehn. Good 'ol multi purpose suits, they've done well!

Our second evening in Siem Reap was also spent with the couple we met the night before, Shaun and Camille. Must visit them if they set up here! They took us back to a (not very) gay bar near their guesthouse, told us it wasn't far from ours where we had been drinking previously, so we walked off bare footed. They then hailed a tuk-tuk...
We walked home I'm sure, no idea how we found our war or what, if anything, happened on the journey, neither I or Tony remember anything past saying our goodnights. Feet seem fine though!

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