Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 3 - Wednesday
and we're having another day of major traveling. We've moved on from jet, to minibuses, to now 7 hours on a jalopy of a coach from the Thai border to Phnom Pehn in Cambodia. I fear this entry ends here as the road is too bad to write on the page. A first introduction to local travel though! I've had enough of sitting in cramped seats now, get us to the bikes!

Yesterday was spent in Khoa San Road. Mecca for people who want to dress up as stereotyped travelers for some reason. Fisherman style cotton trousers and Buddha teeshirts on white guys everywhere.
An easy hub to work from but not somewhere to savor. Being traveller elitist already!

So in summary of the day we got onto a minibus at 8am in Bangkok, arrived at the border at 12.30, got onto the jalopy bus around 4pm in Cambodia. That finally arrived in Phnom Pehn at 2am. After one of the side windows was smashed by some unknown missile from the pavement as we entered the city. And after the bloody bus stopped almost every half hour almost the whole way, often for no apparent reason.

finally we found a tuk-tuk to take us to the guesthouse Tom and Tony knew, which after lapping the city twice, asking other tuk-tuk drivers for directions twice (even after we showed him on the map where we wanted to go). Somehow we've ended up god knows where in the city in quite a posh hotel, that has a dirtbike in the lobby. Our sort of place! It's 3.30am, we killed the cockroach in the shower, All is Well!

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