Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Blogspunks, today High'zine ended up at the supercar show at Hedingham Castle. Invited along by Sam showing off his Porch GTRS360RTurboCaverne, which I didn't get any pictures of, fail.

Here's some of the other highlights. I'm not gonna pretend I can name which cars are which, I'm just above the stage of calling them things like 'the pretty red one'.

It's a true fact that things look better when views from the window of a castle

Hard to believe, but the evidence is there

I'm assuming porn baron in this one

This is a very pretty red one

If you've got matching cars you may as well park in formation

Poser shot!

One of my highlights of the event was standing at the breakfast van, chatting to the two ladies, who were clearly from central london. As well as being loud as you like, as soon as they found out the cars belonged to the drivers (rather than being there for companies), they endeavored to give out free bacon sarnie and try to bag a rich boyfriend by the end of the day.

The subtlety makes this one a winner

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Don't worry, I got you filthy lot some women porn as well as cars.

Well, I hope you lot enjoyed that little display, I know I certainly did. So just to finish you off, so to speak, here's Betty C and her Gallery


J.Street said...

Nice cars, nice women! What country do you live in?

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