Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hidey Bloody Hi blogbums.

Today was a sepia day, there's no good reason for having a sepia day, but sometimes brown's just the colour of choice.

It's done nothing but fucking rain on and off all day today, but none-the-less, after fighting off a hangover with Zombie Kriss, I endured

A little trip out on the bike between rain showers did little to solve the lack of motorbike time miseries I've been suffering

None-the-less I went and found a little dream cottage. Though I'd probably go for glass windows as opposed to wood

Then bizarrely in town they had gypsie dancers, who were pretty damn average to be honest

Except for the ones that were pretty hot.

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Rice said...

First off, I'm digging the mentality. Secondly, big ups to blogtards who have witty replacements for the typical "comments" or "replies" field.

Strong opinions? Gnarly mentality? Rad and diverse pictures? Clever self-derogatory humor? Check check check and check. Your blog has it all. If you've got any ads up I'll click 'em, and I'm for sure following.

Keep it real,