Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So BlogFuckers.

Preparing for SITS this weekend. Kona Sleepless In The Saddle 24 hour XC race. Of course I don't pedal so I will be drinking and wearing fancy dress. Or mechanicing as my team call it.

My theme for the weekend will be the 1930's. The facial hair is coming along nicely:

I fucking rock.

New postie today, she turned up around half 6pm. Good service. Then looking at her, I first thought 'I'd give that a good service'.

Zooming in proved me wrong. Blurryness provided by 112 year old glass, and not photo-shop.

A door-knob. Get arty. Fuckwits.

So, these are politics joke messages really. There is no specific message to them as such, just to raise a smile, and hopefully get people that usually don't, to think politics for a minute or two. They seemed to raise a smile at least.

Danbury Crossing (check out how my own car is driving past as I take the photo. Skillz)

Chelmsford Duke Street (check out the amazing exercise bike handlebars on the cyclists ride)

Chelmsford Town Hall

More locations to come for sure, and hopefully a big SITS update when return.

Finally, back to Softcore, Back to Raven Riley, and she's still looking good in her gallery

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